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  • Barcelona House Number Plaque
    House Numbers - Spanish Style Decor Looking for something out of the ordinary ... imaginative ... fun?  You'll ENJOY mounting this Spanish Style Custom House Sign on your porch, entryway or frontgate. It will bring a...More >
  • Heron Bird Cottage House Plaques
    The Blue Heron Cottage House Plaque displays a large wading bird common near the shores of open water and in wetlands over most of North America and Central America as well as the Caribbean and the Galápagos Islands...More >
  • House Number in Black
    House Number Plaque . Kiln-Fired Ceramics . Five Numbers Choose from five beautiful ceramic color choices ... Blue, Black, Brown, Green and Burgandy! These rich, beautiful colors are unique to kiln-fired ceramics. We apply...More >
  • House Number in Black
    House Numbers with Style . Four Numbers. Kiln-Fired Ceramics Hand-Crafted from beginning to end, our House Number Plaque with Four Numbers features rich colors found only on Kiln-Fired ceramics. We apply three coats of...More >
  • House Number in Black
    House Numbers Plaque - One Number - Ceramic Our House Number Plaque with One Number presents a single, larger, bold number for greater visibility. With a bit of an English Cottage feel, each plaque is kiln-fire the old...More >
  • House Number Plaque with Three Numbers
    House Number Plaque . Three Numbers. Kiln-Fired Ceramics With a bit of an English Cottage feel, this beautiful house plaque is kiln-fire the old fashioned way in keeping with the wonderful 'Old World' craftsmanship of...More >
  • House Number alone
    House Number Plaque . Two Numbers. Kiln-Fired Ceramics Here is a Classic look with a distinctive presentation. Our House Number Plaque with Two Numbers is perfect if you're looking for bold numbers for greater visibility...More >
  • Hummingbird with Morning Glory Address Plaque
    Ceramic House Number Plaque - Birds and Flowers Birds are amazing creatures aren't they? Whether you're a backyard birdwatcher, birder, or a 'twitcher' ... you'll love our Signature Series Custom Hummingbird Address Plaque...More >
  • Old Spanish House Number Plaque
    Spanish Style House Number Plaque  Bring the 'Old World' charm and spirit of Spain right to your doorstep with our Old Spanish Style House Number Plaque. Each piece is a 'one-of-a-kind' work of beauty and grace that...More >
  • Pelican Bird Cottage House Plaques
    Address and House Plaques - Pelican Bird The Pelican Bird Cottage House Plaque displays a vintage style of the American White Pelican. These plaques are weather-tested and can be displayed outdoors, on your patio,...More >
  • Talavera Green Border and Tones
    Custom Address Plaques - Aspiring to the Art of Entrance Decor This newest addition to our Mexican Style House Plaque Collection was created by Renee Story Jones and inspired at the request of one of our wonderful patrons...More >
  • Blue Border
    Beach House Number Markers - Custom Ceramics Red beach chairs and toes in the warm sand give true inspiration to our "Day at the Beach Address Plaque".  If you love to go to the beach to play, relax ... and pause .....More >
  • Lemons Address Sign with Royal Blue Border
    Lemons House Number Plaque - Ceramic Our Lemons from Umbria Ceramic Address Plaque is inspired by the beautiful pottery found on the steep hillside town of Vietri which is nestled quietly on the Mediterranean Sea...More >
  • Mexican Yellow Flower with House Numbers
    Mexican Style Address and House Number Plaques Capture the beautiful patterns and organic richness of the traditional Talavera Tiles of Old Mexico with our Mexican Yellow Flower Address Plaque! These bright and lively...More >
  • Sun Moon House Number Plaque
    House Numbers - Celestial Style! 'He made the sun to rule the day, and the moon and stars to rule the night.'Looking for something out of the ordinary...imaginative...relaxing? The beautiful ceramic colors of this Sun Moon...More >
  • Talavera Blue Address House Plaques
    Mexican Style Address Signs Inspired by the beautiful Talavera tiles of Mexico, enjoy the southwestern feel of our colorful Talavera Blue Address Sign. If the classic beauty of old Mexico holds a special place in your...More >
  • Mexican Sea Turtle  Address Plaques
    Mexican Style Address House Plaque - Authentic Kiln-Fired Ceramics Eye-catching! Our Mexican Sea Turtle Address Plaque design combines the beauty and mystery of this graceful and majestic sea creature with the festive...More >
  • Sun Moon with No Border
    Celestial Address Plaque - Sun and Moon Half Face Take time to gaze up into the sky and you will always be rewarded with a feeling of peace and relaxation. The sun and the moon... happy ... uncomplicated! Let all who enter...More >
  • Tropical Plaque Teal Border
    Beach Style House Number Plaques - Custom Ceramics Tropical breezes and swaying palm trees describe our Tropical Beach House Number Plaque. This beautiful addition to your home or place of business will remind you each day...More >
  • Aztec Sun with House Number and Blue Border
    Mexican Style House Number Plaque - Ceramic The vibrant colors of our Aztec Sun House Plaque Design will bring a festive feel and style to your home's outdoor decor! Do you enjoy decorating Mexican Style? Love those...More >
  • Beach House Cottage Plaques
    There's nothing better than feeling balmy, tropical breezes while you sit at the shore with your feet in the warm ocean waves. Surfing and sailboat watching while lazily lying in the sand is what inspired our Beach House...More >