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Beach House Number Plaques and Address Signs

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  • Dolphin Address, House Number or Message Plaque
    Dolphin Address, House Number, Name or Message Plaque The Dolphin Address Plaque can actually be customized to whatever special message you may need.  Maybe you need your house number only or 'Private Drive' or your...More >
  • Tropical Fish Family Name House Plaque
    Beach House Plaque with Tropical Fish - Ceramic Address Plaques Watching colorful, vibrant tropical fish gently weave back and forth in blue ocean waters is one of the best experiences ever. We've tried to capture that...More >
  • Palm Trees House Plaque
    Sway into summer with our Palm Trees Beach House Plaque!  Relax...you're at the beach with toes in the sand, palm trees swaying, sun on your skin, the sound of the ocean - heaven! • • • • •...More >
  • Tropical Beach House Numbers in Blue with Franklin font
    Beach Address House Number Plaque - Tropical Style - Custom Ceramics Tropical breezes and swaying palm trees describe our Tropical Beach House Number Plaque. This beautiful addition to your home's outdoor entrance will...More >
  • Sea Turtle Address Plaque
    Make a Striking Impression with Our Mexican Style Address and Beach House Plaques! Eye-catching! Our Mexican Sea Turtle Address Plaque design combines the beauty and mystery of this graceful and majestic sea creature with...More >
  • Tropical Beach House Address Plaque
    Make a Splash with our Tropical Beach House Address Plaque! Custom Ceramic House Numbers. Warm tropical breezes and gently swaying palm trees describe our oval Tropical Beach House Address Plaque. If you love relaxing...More >
  • Aztec Sun House Plaque-Lucida Font
    Mexican Style House Number Plaque - Ceramic The vibrant colors of our Aztec Sun House Plaque Design will bring a festive feel and style to your home's outdoor decor! Do you enjoy decorating Mexican Style? Love those...More >
  • Beachy House Plaque for Home or Business.
    Beach House Number Plaque for Your Home! Presented on a Durable, Beautiful White Porcelain House Plaque. Size is Approximately 7x9 Inches. Personalization: 1 to 3 House Numbers: Numbers will be 3.5 inches tall. 4 to 5...More >
  • White Porcelain Plaque with Black Personalization
    Rectangle Address Plaque in a Classic Black and White Style for an Eye-Catching Entrance. Personalization: Top Line: Holds up to 5 numbers. Numbers will be 4 inches high Bottom Line: Holds up to 20 characters including...More >
  • Day at the Beach Address Plaque Black Border
    Tropical Beach Style Address House Numbers Plaque - Custom Ceramic Craftsmanship Red beach chairs and toes in the warm sand give true inspiration to our "Day at the Beach Address House Numbers Plaque".  Surprise your...More >
  • Gecko Blue House Number Plaque -Blue Border
    Custom Address Plaque with Gecko Here's a new 'geckorating' idea! Welcome your guests, friends and family with our colorful, light-hearted Gecko House Plaque. In many cultures and countries around the world, spotting the...More >
  • Sea Turtle House Number Plaque
    Authentic Personalized Ceramic Beach House Plaque with beautiful hand-painted Sea Turtle for your home or beach bungalow!   PERSONALIZATION DETAILS  Up to 3 House Numbers or Characters for example:...More >
  • Sea Turtle House Number Tile
    Long-lasting, Beautiful Sea Turtle Porcelain Plaques. Size is approximately 9x16 inches (24x40cm). Make a Splashing Impression on your Friends and Neighbors.  Personalization: Holds up to 5 House Numbers. Each...More >
  • Beach Paradise Address Plaque  Kristen Font
    Beach Address Plaque - A custom ceramic house plaque with easy to see house numbers! Balmy tropical breezes while relaxing on the beach in the cool shade of a beach umbrella... our Beach Paradise Address and House Number...More >
  • Porcelain House Number Plaque. Large Numbers. Can use outdoors. Easy Visibility!
    Rectangle House Numbers Plaque Offered in Stylish Black and White. A Classic! Approximately 7x9 Inches. Personalization: 1 to 3 House Numbers: Numbers will be 3.5 inches tall. 4 House Numbers: Numbers will be 3 inches...More >
  • Clam Seashell House Number Plaque - Kristen Font
    Ceramic House Number Plaque with hand painted Seashells and personalized for your house! Our Seashells House Number Plaque is hand crafted in the quality and tradition of genuine kiln-fired ceramics. Your custom beach house...More >
  • Tropical Paradise Address Plaque
    Tropical Style Address and House Plaque. Paradise right at your doorstep! Our Tropical Paradise Address Plaque brings paradise right to your home! Sweet thoughts of basking in the tropical sun with gentle breezes and...More >
  • Beach Bungalow House Plaque
    This whimsical Beach House Plaque with relaxing Beach Umbrella and Chairs is perfect for creating a welcoming, comfortable entrrance for your beach home or weekend Bungalow.  Custom handcrafted address and house signs...More >
  • Beach Umbrella and Chairs Plaque-black
    Ceramic Beach House Number and Address Plaque with Festive Umbrella and Beach Chairs If you enjoy relaxing at the beach, our richly illustrated "Beach Umbrella" house plaque is the right choice for you. You can almost...More >
  • Lighthouse Address Plaque
    Lighthouse Arch Address Plaque. Handcrafted Custom Ceramics. "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." Jacques Cousteau Our Ceramic Lighthouse Address Plaques series is inspired by...More >
  • Home Address Plaque with Oval Lighthouse
    Home Address Plaque with Oval Lighthouse Design. Ceramic. There's something romantic and wondrous about lighthouses. If they could speak, they'd tell countless stories of leading seafaring sailors and passengers to safe...More >

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Ceramic Beach House Number Signs and Personalized Address Plaques

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”  Jacques Cousteau

Our unique Beach Address Plaque designs will remind you each day that simple pleasures in life are most extraordinary. Relaxing on the beach … feeling the sand between your feet … breathing in warm ocean breezes. You’ll fall in love with these hand crafted beauties. One of a kind and as unique as you, our exclusive address plaques and house plaques come in exciting colors and alluring styles.  Enhance the entrance to your home, beach house or bungalow with colorful, artistic designs that will give your home or business that perfect finishing touch!

“I received my plaques last evening. I think they are spectacular … just what I’ve been looking for!”    
Trish - Ashburn, Virginia

Contact us today with your ideas... we’ll be happy to create your special order.

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