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Oval Horse Stable Signs

Height: 9.50 Inches
Width: 15.25 Inches
Depth: 0.50 Inches
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The Oval Stable Signs is available with many options!

Personalization: Up to 16 characters of personalization are available.

Border Colors: There are two different borders to choose from the nicely compliment this design:
•No Border

Plaque Details
•Dimensions: 15.25”W x 9.5”H
•Weight: 2 to 3 lbs
•Material: Authentic Ceramic Bisque
•Weather Resistant
•Warranty: 1 Year
•Hand made in the USA
•Can be displayed outdoors or indoors
•Ships within: 3 to 4 weeks
•Includes two weather resistant screws with protective rubber washers for easy installation

With many designs to choose from, our Custom Horse Plaques are carefully created to reflect you and what you enjoy most.These plaques are weather resistant and will not fade.They can be safely displayed outdoors or easily hung indoors, giving that perfect finishing touch to your vacation get-away or your year-round residence. In addition, our Horse Plaques make a unique and truly personalized gift. When you order your custom hand crafted plaque, it will have its own unique characteristics. Each house plaque is carefully made to your specifications so you can be sure it is an authentic, truly personalized, hand crafted work of art.

About the Materials All our Horse Plaques in our Ceramic Series are made from Genuine Ceramic Bisque and come with two weather resistance screws and two protective rubber washers for easy installation.

About the Process With custom molds and quality bisque as the foundation, each plaque begins its journey by being poured or 'hand cast' in one of our specially crafted molds. It is then placed on racks and allowed to dry in a controlled environment for up to 5 days. Oh-so-cautiously removed from the mold, your address plaque is then placed in a kiln and slow-fired at carefully monitored temperatures for the better part of the day. After this firing process is finished, the plaques are cooled and then inspected for defects. We are also looking for those subtle characteristics that will make each address plaque unique. Any that do not pass our inspection are thrown out.

Now we go to the artist's studio where your house number plaque is gently cleaned. One of our artisans will then carefully follow the design, colors and style you've chosen ... ensuring every plaque is distinctive, beautiful and unique. In the final stage of the process the glaze is prepared and your plaque is dipped and dried overnight. A last minute inspection and it is prepared for one final trip to the kiln where it is kiln-fired a second time to ensure durability and a warm, lustrous finish.

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