Quail Family Decorating

What ground-bound middle child of the bird family is smaller than a chicken and less popular than a pigeon? Glad you asked.  This Classy Plaques post features our classic Quail Address Sign and House Plaque design. The clean lines and simple elegance of this well-liked design captures the neat and tidy spirit of the quail and provides and proper and orderly metaphor for family living. Like its cousins; partridge, pheasant, pigeon, and grouse, quail are ground-dwelling game birds who rarely fly (and are not that good at it when they try). Quail are fast runners who prefer to run and nest in brushy glens and deep ground cover in open country. A popular game bird, their meat and eggs are considered delicacies.The use of a quail theme in home decor is trending over the past few years. Following below is a quick photo essay gallery of the many ways quail are being featured in home decorating motifs today. Enjoy!'

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