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Wedding & Welcome House Plaques

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  • House Number Plaque with Address
    Ceramic House Number Plaque - Round - English Style Here is a Classic look with a distinctive presentation. Our House Number Plaque with Two Numbers is perfect if you're looking for bold numbers for greater visibility...More >
  • House Numbers Sign in all Black
    House Number Plaque . Kiln-Fired Ceramics . Five Numbers Choose from five beautiful ceramic color choices ... Blue, Black, Brown, Green and Burgandy! These rich, beautiful colors are unique to kiln-fired ceramics. We apply...More >
  • House Number Plaque with Welcome
    House Numbers with Style . Four Numbers. Kiln-Fired Ceramics Hand-Crafted from beginning to end, our House Number Plaque with Four Numbers features rich colors found only on Kiln-Fired ceramics. We apply three coats of...More >
  • Ceramic House Number Plaque. Example with 'Welcome' and Name of Street.
    House Numbers Plaque - One Number - Ceramic Our House Number Plaque with One Number presents a single, larger, bold number for greater visibility. With a bit of an English Cottage feel, each plaque is kiln-fire the old...More >
  • Monogram House Number Plaque
    Beautiful Monogram House Plaque with Classic Black Personalization On a Pleasing Natural Ceramic Background. Handcrafted Custom Ceramics. Richly illustrated and exclusively designed, enjoy the art of things well chosen...More >
  • House Numbers Sign
    House Number Plaque . Three Numbers. Kiln-Fired Ceramics With a bit of an English Cottage feel, this beautiful house plaque is kiln-fire the old fashioned way in keeping with the wonderful 'Old World' craftsmanship of...More >
  • Viner Font
    Our Fleur de Lis Classic House Plaque displays the popular 'Fleur de lis' or literally "flower of the lily", symbol which can be found worldwide. It remains an enduring symbol of France that appears on countless items...More >
  • Sun Moon Welcome Plaque
    Welcome Sun and Moon Plaque- Celestial Style Simple things, uncomplicated...Welcome guests and family to unwind from the day and relax with our Sun Moon Welcome Plaque. A delightful celebration of creation! Hand crafted to...More >
  • Country Farm Welcome Sign
    Country Style Farmhouse Welcome Sign. Ceramic Craftsmanship. Personalization:  Top Line: 'Welcome to' Bottom Line: Up to 14 Characters Lettering Font Styles: Eleven to choose from to complete your...More >
  • Cozy Cottage Oval House Plaque
    Charm your guests with our Cozy Cottage Oval House Plaque!  This Home Welcome Plaque is both beautiful and durable... a result of our slow 24 hour kiln-firing process and the three or more coats of...More >
  • Cozy Country Cottage Plaque
    Greet your guests with our Cozy Cottage Round House Plaque.  This is a popular unique gift for  Newlyweds just beginning life together in their new home! With many designs to choose from, our custom...More >
  • Dove and Heart Wedding Plaque
    15 1/2" Tall x 12 1/4" Wide Sand Cast Aluminum Line 2: Holds up to twelve 1 ¼ inch characters Last Line: Holds the date Available as a wall mount or add two lawn stakes for lawn presentation See color options...More >
  • Welcome Plaque shown in Taupe and White
    A Friendly Welcome Plaque is a Great Way to Greet Family and Friends! Enjoy quality craftsmanship and long-lasting beauty. Select from great color combinations designed to energize and complement your outdoor décor...More >
  • Two Hearts Wedding Plaque
    15 1/2" Tall x 12 1/4" Wide Sand Cast Aluminum Line 2: Holds up to twelve 1 ¼ inch characters Last Line: Holds the date Available as a wall mount or add two lawn stakes for lawn presentation See color options...More >
  • Irish Shamrock Address and House Plaques
    Top o' the morning to you! Bring the luck o' the Irish to your home with this four-leaf clover design. Greet your guests with the universal symbol of good luck displayed on our rustic Irish Shamrock Address and Name Plaque...More >
  • Newlywed Cottage Address and Name Plaque
    Congratulations! Our Newlywed Cottage House Plaque will greet friend and family to any 'Just Married Couple's new home. Our custom plaques are carefully created to reflect you and what you enjoy most...More >
  • Welcome to the Cabin Sign - Kristen font
    Our Cozy 'Welcome to the Cabin' Sign is just the thing for creating a comfortable, relaxed mood as you welcome friends, family and guests to your cabin, lake house or vacation get-a-way!   Personalization First...More >
  • Country Bicycle Sign
    Country Style Family Name House Plaque with cozy vintage bicycle.  Personalization:   Top Line: Up to 14 characters Bottom Line: Up to 17 characters 'EST' Line: Up to 4 numbers (normally the 'established'...More >
  • Fleur di Lis House Number Sign
    Our Fleur de Lis House Number Plaque is a classic style of elegant black and white.The English translation of "fleur-de-lis" is "flower of the lily." This symbol, depicting a lily or lotus flower, has many meanings...More >
  • Gentle Wind Plaque with No Border
    Celestial Address Plaque - Blowing Wind House Plaque He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind ... Psalms 104.  This hand crafted ceramic house plaque features beautiful coloring and is a...More >
  • Pineapple Welcome Plaque
    Take a walk into our fragrant grove with our Pineapple Address House Plaque. One of America's favorite fruits is the exceptional juicy pineapple with its vibrant tropical flavor and sweet aroma. ...More >

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