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Orange You Glad You Read This Blog?

Orange You Glad You Read This Blog?

Nov 10, 2020

Did you know?
There are only two words in the English language for which an exact rhyming word cannot be found in the dictionary. Poets and rappers alike tend to avoid these two words like the plague. Do you know what they are? Care to guess?

The first one is ‘silver’ and the second one is the topic of this Classy Plaque blog post and the theme of one of our popular ceramic address plaque designs.

Five Hints
1.    It is edible.
2.    It is plentiful in California and Florida.

3.    Disneyland and Disney World can both be found in this county.
4.    It rhymes with… just kidding. (It rhymes with nothing).
5.    It is the color of Halloween (remembering that black is a non-color). 

The Answer (no peeking)
If you read the hints and guessed ‘orange,’ you are correct. If you read the hints and didn’t guess ‘orange,’ you should immediately withdraw your application for ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’ because you have no chance of winning.

Now Orange You Glad You’re Reading This Post?
Welcome back, Classy Plaques’ blog followers. This post features Orange Grove house number plaque - a bright, bold, fresh, vibrant, tangy, refreshing splash of colorful refreshment for your yard, gate, driveway, front porch or entryway. Whether you like the fruit or the color, this blog post is sure to get your juices flowing.

The Disney DifferenceOranges House Number Plaque If you aspire to build a world class theme park, you might consider buying an orange grove. As I mentioned above, it certainly worked well for Walt Disney. The two most popular theme parks in the world (Disneyland and Disney World) are built in Orange County in the middle of what used to be orange groves.

If Walt Disney can create the ‘happiest place on earth’ in an orange grove (twice), I wonder if the bright and colorful energy of an Orange Grove House Number Sign from Classy Plaques can do the same for you and your home.

With Orange Décor, Less is More
Decorating with orange (the fruit or the color) is a bold move that can bring any room to life with its vibrant energy. Orange (or oranges) can complement almost any design motif or decorating theme. When making a bright, bold, energetic statement by decorating with orange (or oranges), remember that less is more. Too much of this powerful color in one place at one time usually doesn’t work.

Top designers recommend the use of various shades and hues (similar and contrasting) to blend and contrast the color into the room rather than having it stand out on its own as a focal point. To see an example of the power of complimentary colors, take a look at our Orange Grove Address Plaque on the Classy Plaques website. Notice how the blue and brown borders provide a tasteful backdrop of contrast that highlights the bright and bold orange hues. Now ‘orange’ you glad you read this blog post?

See you next time…
Cassie Jones
Classy Plaques Blogger