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Decorative Address House Plaque – Pelican

Ceramic Porcelain Address Plaques

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About This Plaque:
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Vintage Style Pelican Bird Address House Plaque. Durable Ceramic Porcelain Craftsmanship. 


  • Top Line: Up to 14 characters
  • Bottom Line: Up to 17 characters
  • Lettering: We use all capital lettering on this plaque for great visibility from a distance! 

Plaque Details

Size: 11 inch Round
Weight: Approximately 2 - 3 lbs.
Materials: Genuine porcelain ceramic plaque. These are custom decorative house plaques you won’t find anywhere else. Crafted using the finest materials for exceptional outdoor durability and an artisan kiln-fired finish that adds natural beauty and style to your entryway!

Includes two weather resistant screws with attractive screw caps. The color of these caps blends in nicely with your plaque. They snap on easily to the top of each screw and will hide the head of each screw once your plaque is mounted for a seamless appearance. No unsightly screws are seen. Nice!

Easy installation. Simply mark and drill two holes in the wall surface, insert and gently tighten screws, snap decorative cap on and you're done.

Shipping: Ships within 2 to 3 weeks. 

Hurry Up orders are available for gifts and project installation deadlines. If you need your plaque by a certain date due to holidays or an event like a wedding, be sure to contact us or let us know in the ‘comments’ section when you are checking out. We will either be able to accommodate your 'deliver by' date, or we will prepare and email you a color 'mock up' of your plaque for presentation at your event and delivery of your plaque will follow as quickly as possible. 

Your outdoor decor is a wonderful place to capture the spirit of what you enjoy and love ... and our Pelican House Plaque is something special from the start. 

Welcome to your favorite new front porch! 

Be sure to contact us with any question you may have. We’re here to help!
Phone: 541-647-7226

Thank You. We Appreciate Your Business!

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