Gecko Decor Ideas for Front Porch

Gecko Decor Ideas for Front Porch

Joy of Artistic Expression
One of the best things about being an artist who owns a ceramic address plaque business is introducing new custom designs that are fun and creative. Better yet is the realization that this new design – a very personal mix of passion, color, and creative expression – strikes a passionate chord in the hearts and minds of dozens, perhaps hundreds of existing and future customers. The adrenaline rush that runs through the veins of an artist whose work elicits a passionate response is indescribable. Thank you so much. Remarkable Buzz  The remarkable buzz from those who follow our work has been in response to our Gecko Address Plaque, a popular address sign in our Mexican Style House Plaques line. The genuine excitement in response to this new custom designed Mexican house plaque has been so much fun. It must be the good luck of the gecko!

What is a Gecko?
The gecko is a member of the lizard family best known for its “spiderman-like” ability to defy gravity and cling to walls and ceilings with the greatest of ease. Geckos love warm weather, dry heat, and tropical humidity. They are common fixtures in the warm desert climates and tropical beach vacation destinations of the world. Their ability to “chirp” in social interaction with one another sets them apart from the 2,000 different species of lizards worldwide. But this is not why Classy Plaques is introducing our Gecko Address Plaque

Good Luck of the Gecko 
As you may know, the lowly gecko has become a globally recognized symbol for good luck and an embodiment of the idea of keeping one eye on the past while focusing the other on the future. The gecko has been a popular subject of generational folklore and cultural traditions for thousands of years. Clever tales and simple stories depict the presence of a lowly gecko in a house as a positive sign of good luck and blessing, making the gecko an apt hero for the introduction of this colorful, new custom designed house number sign.

Gecko Address House Number Plaque

A Gecko for You? The story is told of a man who was vacationing in Tahiti. While drifting to sleep late one night while watching the reflection of the moonlight scintillating on the gentle waves of the Pacific, a little gecko ran up onto his chest, paused, cocked its head, and looked directly into the man’s eyes before doing a quick, tiny pushup and continuing on its way. After researching the folklore surrounding the little creatures, the man felt that the lucky lizard was the perfect symbol for his new production company. He kept to the original Latin spelling, and thus "Gekko Film Corp" was born. The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) was also compelled to employ the lucky gecko as their spokesperson.

In like manner, we wanted to make the good luck of the gecko available to our existing and future customers. The creative and colorful design of this house plaque, the latest addition to our Mexican-style ‘tiles’ design, affords the opportunity to attach the good luck of the gecko to your home in a highly visible manner. Plus, the lustrous, ceramic finishes and enduring vibrant colors will welcome guests and visitors for years to come.

See for Yourself 
 Now that you know a bit more about background and history of the lowly gecko, the inspiration for our latest new custom design, take a closer look at our Gecko House Number Sign and see for yourself!

Thanks again to those of you who have expressed such sincere and heartfelt enthusiasm for our work. You bring me great joy and artistic fulfillment.

Cassie Jones, Blogger

Gecko House Plaque with Name