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Mexican Style Address Plaques & House Signs

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  • Talavera with Harrington font
    Custom Address Plaques - Aspiring to the Art of Entrance Decor This newest addition to our Mexican Style House Plaque Collection was created by Renee Story Jones and inspired at the request of one of our wonderful patrons...More >
  • Mexican Yellow Flower Plaque-Century Font
    Mexican Tile Address and House Number Plaques Capture the beautiful patterns and organic richness of the traditional Mexican tiles of Old Mexico with our Mexican Yellow Flower Address Plaque! These bright and lively...More >
  • Talavera Blue House Plaque-Papyrus Font
    Mexican Style Address Signs Inspired by the beautiful Talavera tiles of Mexico, enjoy the southwestern feel of our colorful Talavera Blue Address Sign. If the classic beauty of old Mexico holds a special place in your...More >
  • Sea Turtle Address Plaque   Century Font
    Make a Striking Impression with Our Mexican Style Address and Beach House Plaques! Eye-catching! Our Mexican Sea Turtle Address Plaque design combines the beauty and mystery of this graceful and majestic sea creature with...More >
  • House Numbers with Blue Border and Century Font
    Mexican Style House Number Plaque - Ceramic The vibrant colors of our Aztec Sun House Plaque Design will bring a festive feel and style to your home's outdoor decor! Do you enjoy decorating Mexican Style? Love those...More >
  • Kokopelli Name Plaque with Viner font
    Kokopelli Dancer House Plaque A delightfully unique way to display your family name, address, house numers, or your favorite saying!. Bring the spirit of this mystical Anasazi flute player to your home with our Southwest...More >
  • Sun Moon Welcome Plaque
    Welcome Sun and Moon Plaque- Celestial Style Simple things, uncomplicated...Welcome guests and family to unwind from the day and relax with our Sun Moon Welcome Plaque. A delightful celebration of creation! Hand crafted to...More >
  • Kristen Font
    Custom Address Plaque with Gecko Here's a new 'geckorating' idea! Welcome your guests, friends and family with our colorful, light-hearted Gecko House Plaque. In many cultures and countries around the world, spotting the...More >
  • Santa Fe Plaque-Viner Font
    Spanish - Mexican Style Address Plaques - Hand Crafted Our newest design has been something special from the start. A work of functional art, this Spanish Style House Plaque celebrates the colorful and artistic feel of the...More >
  • Estate Size Talavera Style Plaque
    Talavera Style Address Plaque - Estate Size Conjure up beautiful summer days and memories of warm pleasant breezes that will calm your spirit with our Talavera Style Address Plaques. More than just an address sign or...More >
  • Ceramic House Plaque with Dark Brown Border
    Ceramic Tile Address or House Plaque. Southwestern Décor. Hand crafted from start to finish in the USA you'll love the attention to detail our artist's give to this authentic, 'one-of-a-kind' house plaque. "I...More >
  • Spanish Style House Numbers
    Spanish Style Address Numbers - Custom Personalization - Hand Crafted Beautiful colors! Unique 'one-of-a-kind' designs. Do more than just display your house numbers ... choose a house plaque for your home that fits your...More >
  • Talavera Plaque in Maiandra Font
    Mexican Style Address and House Signs Capture the spirit of the time-honored Talavera tiles of Mexico with our enchanting Talavera Brown Address and House Plaque. If the classic beauty of Old Mexico holds a special place in...More >
  • Name or Address Plaque Viner Font
    Nothing says 'southwest' like our Desert Cactus Address House Plaque. Crafted from beginning to end in the USA by artsans and craftsman who love what they do, this is an exclusive, 'one-of-a-kind' design that will make a...More >
  • Mexican Style with Lucida font
    Traditional earth colors with beautiful floral accents make this Mexican Style Address Plaque ... ... an ideal choice for your 'Hacienda', Spanish-Style Home, or your place of business. When you order your house plaque, it...More >
  • Kokopelli Teal
    Kokopelli House Number Plaque - Southwestern Style This mystical Anasazi flute player will bring a whimsical, restful Welcome to all who enter your home! This 'one-of-a-kind' house plaque design was created by northwest...More >
  • House Numbers Only design
    Mexican Style Address Plaques ... Flowers Enjoy the striking patterns of the traditional Talavera Tiles of Old Mexico with our Mexican Red Flower House Number Plaque! These cheerful and lively colors of Mexico will give...More >
  • Half Face Sun Address Plaque - Oval
    Half Face Sun Address Plaque - Outdoor Decor Leave earth traveling at the speed of light (that would be 186,000 miles per second) and travel for a billion years and you haven't yet traveled through our universe! WOW It's...More >
  • Bougainvillea Name Plaque
    Bursting with georgeous colors you'll only find in hand glazed, kiln-fired ceramics our 'Bougainvillea Address Plaque' will bring a smile to your face!These plaques are weather resistant and their hand painted...More >
  • Flamingo House Number Plaque - Coral Border - Century Font
    Wading Flamingos House Number Plaque. Beautiful decorative entrance decor for your beach bungalow or lake house! Whether you're a devoted bird watcher or just a wide-eyed tourist, there are few more spectacular sights than...More >
  • Spanish Red Rose with Harrington Font
    Spanish Red Rose Address and House Numbers Plaque - Hand Crafted Enjoy the arrilval of summer all year round with our colorful Spanish Red Rose House Plaque. Wonderfully hand-crafted by artisans with decades of experience,...More >

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Capture the excitement and color of Mexico with our Hispanic Address Plaques and House Number Signs!

The Perfect finishing touch you your vacation get-a-way our your year-round residence.

"Thank You soooo very much! The Plaque is beautiful beyond words. We're very impressed with your work! ..."       Paul. California