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House Number Plaques

  • Barcelona House Number Plaque- 3 numbers
    House Numbers - Spanish Style Decor Looking for something out of the ordinary ... imaginative ... fun?  You'll ENJOY mounting this Spanish Style Custom House Sign on your porch, entryway or frontgate. It will bring a...More >
  • House Number Plaque with Address
    Ceramic House Number Plaque - Round - English Style Here is a Classic look with a distinctive presentation. Our House Number Plaque with Two Numbers is perfect if you're looking for bold numbers for greater visibility...More >
  • Fleur de Lis Address Sign shown in Aged Bronze and Gold
    Metal Address Signs - Durable Cast Aluminum Thoughtfully inspired with a touch of sophistication for your home or Estate. Well crafted and long-lasting, these Fleur-De-Lis House Number Signs are made from handsome,...More >
  • House Numbers Sign in all Black
    House Number Plaque . Kiln-Fired Ceramics . Five Numbers Choose from five beautiful ceramic color choices ... Blue, Black, Brown, Green and Burgandy! These rich, beautiful colors are unique to kiln-fired ceramics. We apply...More >
  • House Number Plaque with Welcome
    House Numbers with Style . Four Numbers. Kiln-Fired Ceramics Hand-Crafted from beginning to end, our House Number Plaque with Four Numbers features rich colors found only on Kiln-Fired ceramics. We apply three coats of...More >
  • Ceramic House Number Plaque. Example with 'Welcome' and Name of Street.
    House Numbers Plaque - One Number - Ceramic Our House Number Plaque with One Number presents a single, larger, bold number for greater visibility. With a bit of an English Cottage feel, each plaque is kiln-fire the old...More >
  • Monogram House Number Plaque
    Beautiful Monogram House Plaque with Classic Black Personalization On a Pleasing Natural Ceramic Background. Handcrafted Custom Ceramics. Richly illustrated and exclusively designed, enjoy the art of things well chosen...More >
  • Spanish Style House Numbers Sign
    Spanish Style House Number Plaque  Bring the 'Old World' charm and spirit of Spain right to your doorstep with our Old Spanish Style House Number Plaque. Each piece is a 'one-of-a-kind' work of beauty and grace that...More >
  • Talavera with Harrington font
    Custom Address Plaques - Aspiring to the Art of Entrance Decor This newest addition to our Mexican Style House Plaque Collection was created by Renee Story Jones and inspired at the request of one of our wonderful patrons...More >
  • Thin Border Style
    With many designs to choose from, our Custom Cat House Plaques are carefully created for you and ... YOUR CAT! These plaques are weather resistant and will not fade. They can be safely displayed outdoors or...More >
  • House Numbers Sign
    House Number Plaque . Three Numbers. Kiln-Fired Ceramics With a bit of an English Cottage feel, this beautiful house plaque is kiln-fire the old fashioned way in keeping with the wonderful 'Old World' craftsmanship of...More >
  • Century Schoolbook font
    Lemons House Number Plaque - Ceramic Our Lemons from Umbria Ceramic Address Plaque is inspired by the beautiful pottery found on the steep hillside town of Vietri which is nestled quietly on the Mediterranean Sea...More >
  • Black with White Numbers
    Slate House Numbers Plaque - Classic Oval Style! This beautiful Slate House Number Plaque is 7” tall by 11” wide and comes in a Classic Oval Style. Each piece of slate used to make your house number plaque will...More >
  • Tropical Beach House Number Plaque  Teal Border - Kristen font
    Beach Address House Number Plaque - Tropical Style - Custom Ceramics Tropical breezes and swaying palm trees describe our Tropical Beach House Number Plaque. This beautiful addition to your home's outdoor entrance will...More >
  • Vertical Address Plaque. Holds up to five 3" numbers or eight 1.5" characters.
    Vertical Address House Number Plaque with Decorative Rope Style Border. These small address plaques, signs, and makers are just right for cozy homes, condos, or beach bungalows. They fit perfectly by or on the door and...More >
  • Vertical House Number Plaque
    Vertical House Number Plaque. Distinctive Style. Easy to See from a Distance. Metal address signs for entryways to apartments, condos, townhouses or cottages. They fit nicely beside or on the door and provide maximum...More >
  • Weathered Grey with Black Numbers
    This Oval Slate House Number Plaque is 5.5” tall by 12” wide. Each piece of slate used to make your address numbers will be hand crafted and very unique. The slate used on your house plaque is Reclaimed from...More >
  • Example shown in #4 Burgundy
    Small Oval Brass Address Plaque Small Oval can accept up to 4 - 3" Numbers    * Includes plaque and matching powder coated installation hardware    * Weight: 4 lbs in Brass    *...More >
  • Tropical Beach House Address Plaque
    Make a Splash with our Tropical Beach House Address Plaque! Custom Ceramic House Numbers. Warm tropical breezes and gently swaying palm trees describe our oval Tropical Beach House Address Plaque. If you love relaxing...More >
  • House Numbers with Blue Border and Century Font
    Mexican Style House Number Plaque - Ceramic The vibrant colors of our Aztec Sun House Plaque Design will bring a festive feel and style to your home's outdoor decor! Do you enjoy decorating Mexican Style? Love those...More >
  • Fleur De Lis Address Plaque
    Capture a touch of Europe with our Fleur De Lis Address House Number Plaque! Vertical Presentation. Specially formulated and weather-tested, these small yet distinctively handsome house number plaques will provide maximum...More >