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Oval Address Plaques

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  • Double Sided Hanging Address Plaque
    Hanging Address Plaque - Double Sided Large Oval - 10.5" Tall x 18" Wide. This personalized house number sign comes in good-looking color combinations and is perfect for lawn presentation, hanging from a covered porch, or...More >
  • Paw Prints Custom Address Plaque
    Custom Address or House Number Plaque with Paw Prints This custom-made Paw Print Plaque design is lovingly created to remind you each day of what you enjoy most! Sporting a classic black and white design, this oval...More >
  • Private Drive Plaque. Color shown is black background with gold lettering and border.
    Private Drive Sign - Beautifully crafted with durable rust free aluminum. With raised lettering and matching raised border, this Classic Oval 'Private Drive' Sign is easy to see from a distance. It's available in...More >
  • Poppy Flowers Welcome Plaque
    The exuberant colors of our Poppies Welcome Plaque will give your home's entrance a fresh, festive look!  This Home Welcome Plaque is both beautiful and durable... a result of our slow 24 hour kiln-firing...More >
  • Black with White Numbers
    Slate House Numbers Plaque - Classic Oval Style! This beautiful Slate House Number Plaque is 7” tall by 11” wide and comes in a Classic Oval Style. Each piece of slate used to make your house number plaque will...More >
  • Weathered Grey with Black Numbers
    This Oval Slate House Number Plaque is 5.5” tall by 12” wide. Each piece of slate used to make your address numbers will be hand crafted and very unique. The slate used on your house plaque is Reclaimed from...More >
  • Example shown in #4 Burgundy
    Small Oval Brass Address Plaque Small Oval can accept up to 4 - 3" Numbers    * Includes plaque and matching powder coated installation hardware    * Weight: 4 lbs in Brass    *...More >
  • Tropical Beach House Address Plaque
    Make a Splash with our Tropical Beach House Address Plaque! Custom Ceramic House Numbers. Warm tropical breezes and gently swaying palm trees describe our oval Tropical Beach House Address Plaque. If you love relaxing...More >
  • Oval House Number Plaque
    Oval House Number Plaque ... Durable and handsome for those who are looking for 'simply house numbers'. "BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for such a high quality product." Oregon 8 1/2" Tall x 13 3/4" Wide Holds up to five 4"...More >
  • Black with White Numbers
    This beautiful Slate Address Numbers Plaque is 5.5” tall by 12” wide. Each piece of slate used to make your plaque will be hand crafted and ‘one-of-a kind’. The slate used on your house plaque is...More >
  • Beware of Dog Plaque Sign
    Beware of Dog Sign with Distinctive Raised Lettering and Raised Border. PLAQUE DETAILS Size: 8.5" x 13". Color Choices: Choose from 20 exceptionally nice color combinations. See Color Options Chart located above...More >
  • Example shown in #12 Patina
    Large Oval Brass Address Plaque   * Available in 16 Colors    * Large Oval can accept up to 5 - 3" Numbers    * Includes plaque and matching powder coated installation...More >
  • Cozy Cottage Oval House Plaque
    Charm your guests with our Cozy Cottage Oval House Plaque!  This Home Welcome Plaque is both beautiful and durable... a result of our slow 24 hour kiln-firing process and the three or more coats of...More >
  • Family Name Plaque with Cat Silhouette
    Family Name House Number Plaque - Cat Silhouette - Oval A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, and the hearth in foul weather. ~Judith Merkle Riley And our cat posing whimsically on your porch or entryway will bring...More >
  • Tulip Flowers Oval
    Is there a better way to celebrate the joyous rebirth of spring than with bouquets of brightly colored tulips and green stems? Brighten up your home and bring the beauty of spring to your doorstep all year round with our...More >
  • Italian Style House Plaque with Family Name. Papyrus Font
    An Absolutely Beautiful Way to Display Your House Numbers, Home Address or Family Name! You'll love the look and feel of this custom Italian House Plaque. This ceramic design was inspired by the charming Tuscany region of...More >
  • Half Face Sun Address Plaque - Oval
    Half Face Sun Address Plaque - Outdoor Decor Leave earth traveling at the speed of light (that would be 186,000 miles per second) and travel for a billion years and you haven't yet traveled through our universe! WOW It's...More >
  • Oval Horse Stable Signs-Equestrian
    With many designs to choose from, our Custom Horse Plaques are carefully created to reflect you and what you enjoy most.These plaques are weather resistant and will not fade.They can be safely displayed outdoors or...More >
  • Home Address Plaque with Oval Lighthouse
    Home Address Plaque with Oval Lighthouse Design. Ceramic. There's something romantic and wondrous about lighthouses. If they could speak, they'd tell countless stories of leading seafaring sailors and passengers to safe...More >
  • Oval Lemons House Plaque
    The Lemons Oval Address Plaques are inspired by the beautiful pottery in the many regions of Italy.  Our favorite pottery was found on the steep hillside town of Vietri on the Mediterranean coast...More >
  • Bougainvillea Name Plaque
    Bursting with georgeous colors you'll only find in hand glazed, kiln-fired ceramics our 'Bougainvillea Address Plaque' will bring a smile to your face!These plaques are weather resistant and their hand painted...More >

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