California Poppies Pop into Spring!

California Poppies Pop into Spring!

Spring has sprung (or at least it is springing) and California Poppy season is fast approaching!

It’s true! There really is an official California Poppy season. It begins with California Poppy Day on April 6th and ends with Poppy Week May 13th-18th. In honor of this auspicious celebration, Classy Plaques is featuring our popular Pop(py) Quiz to test your Poppy knowledge. We’ll start out easy and ramp it up as we go: (Answers are at the bottom)


1. What state boasts the California Poppy as its state flower?
(Hint: It’s not Texas or Florida)

2. What year did the California Poppy become the state flower of California?
(no changing your answer on #1)

3. Why was the California Poppy named the state flower of California in 1903?
(no changing your answer on #2) 

  • To support California’s nickname of ‘The Golden State’
  • To match the state colors of blue and gold
  • To coordinate with the state mineral (gold)
  • All of the above

    Poppies Flower House Number Plaque

4. What is the proper (Latin) scientific name for the California Poppy?

  • Poppyrazi Celebrititus
  • Poppawheely tiltibackius
  • Poppabearium Goldilockus
  • Eschscholzia Californica
  • Californicanu Poppicornius

5. California Poppies contain chemicals that are known to help you:

  • Retain facts and remember more
  • Find romance and true love
  • Relax and sleep
  • See the future
  • Run faster and jump higher

6. The California Poppy grows wild throughout which western state? (Hint: It’s not New York or New Jersey)

7. California Indians valued the poppy as a source of:

California Poppies Arch Address Plaque

  • Nutrition
  • Poppy seeds
  • Poppyseed oil
  • All of the above

8. Common nicknames for the California Poppy are:

  • Flame flower
  • Copa de oro (cup of gold)
  • La amapola
  • All of the above

9. When is Poppy Day celebrated?

10.  When is Poppy Week?

Poppies Welcome Plaque

1.    California
2.    1903
3.    All of the above
4.    Eschscholzia californica
5.    Relax and sleep
6.    California
7.    All of the above
8.    All of the above
9.    April 6th
10.  May 13th - 18th

In closing, let me share with you a quote from Classy Plaque’s version of Pippy Longstocking – the one where Pippy learns that her dapper and well-dressed grandfather has an energetic little dog that loves California wildflowers.

‘Even Pippy’s preppy pappy’s peppy puppy prefers poppies.’
(repeat three times quickly)

Here’s wishing you and yours a spectacular poppy season, full of golden memories.

Cassie Jones
Classy Plaques Blogger