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Lemons Address Plaque - Estate Size

Ceramic Porcelain Address Plaques

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About This Plaque:
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Lemons of Umbria Address Plaque - Estate Size

Inspired by the warm, fragrant villages nestled quietly on the Mediterranean Sea coastline of Italy, this artistic, colorful plaque with be a delightful welcome for all who arrive


  • Top Plaque: Up to 12 Characters
  • Bottom Plaque: Up to 12 Characters
Lettering Style - an attractive classic lettering style that is easy to read from a distance. 
Lettering Color: Royal Blue
Border Color: Royal Blue

Plaque Details:
  • Dimensions: Each plaque is 14.5" W by 9.5" H. Displayed as shown the total dimensions will be approximately 14.5" W by 19" H. 
  • Weight: Approximately 3 lbs - each plaque
  • Material: Authentic Ceramic PorcelainThese are custom porcelain plaques you won’t find anywhere else. Each plaque is crafted with the finest materials and has a density and strength that makes them exceptionally durable and great for outdoor use. 
  • Includes four weather resistant screws with protective rubber washers for quick and easy mounting. 
  • Attractive screw caps are included. These decorative caps snap on easily and will hide the head of each screw from view once your plaques are mounted.
  • This 'two plaque' design allows for larger lettering and numbers. Whether you choose to display your house numbers, family name, or address, you'll enjoy great visibility from a distance with this larger font size.
Easy installation. Simply mark and drill holes in the wall surface, insert and gently tighten screws, snap decorative cap on and you're done.
  • Ships within 3 to 4 weeks.
  • 'Hurry Up' orders are available for gifts and project installation deadlines. If you have a 'deliver by' date in mind due to holidays, birthdays, etc., be sure to contact us or let us know the date you need it by when you're placing your order. We will either be able to get it to you in time or will email you a color 'mock up' of your plaque to print out for presentation and delivery of your plaque will follow as quickly as possible. 

Be sure to contacts us with any question you have. 
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