Talavera Green House Number Tile

Ceramic Porcelain Address Plaques

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Porcelain House Plaque. Large House Numbers Tile. Size: 24x40cm. Approximately 9x16 inches.
A Warm, Festive Addition to Your Home’s Entrance Decor. 


  • Top Line: holds up to 12 characters
  • Bottom Line (if desired): Up to 20 characters including spaces
  • Choice of 11 Lettering/Number Styles

Plaque Size: 24 x 40 cm (approx.9.5 x 16 inches)

Material: Ceramic Porcelain Plaque. Exceptional durability and artisan colors that you'll only find on genuine kiln-fired porcelain.


  • Two holes (one on each side of plaque) for quick and easy mounting
  • Weatherized screws with white decorative caps are included. The decorative caps easily snap on to the top of each screw after your plaque is mounted and will hide the screws from view. No unsightly screws will be seen. Nice!

Mounting is Easy: Simply mark and drill two holes in the wall surface, next insert and gently tighten screws. Then snap the decorative caps onto the top of the screw and your done.


  • Completed and shipped out within 3 weeks.
  • In a Hurry? Rush orders are available for gifts, project installation deadlines ... or if you just can't wait. Contact us for expedited shipping details. 
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